Saturday, July 24, 2004

pop will anally rape itself...

Glitch. In the dysfunctional family of POP, I imagine the bootleg/bastard pop/mash-up scene as the off-the-rails younger sister, gum chewing, alcopop swilling, promiscuous - like BadSandy from Grease. Glitch is the hairy psychotic brother who is kept locked in the attic, and fed from a tray which is slid under the door - more Oliver Reed than Olivia Newton-John. Taking it's inspiration from the 1996 Discovery Channel documentary "When CD's go BAD", Glitch takes a perfectly good song and fucks with it , hard. As you can imagine, this quite often Does Not Work.

But then there are the other times...

Eater: Got No Brains (Poj mix)

(Poj is the undisputed teenmeister of glitch, barely weaned yet wielding Acid Pro with a chainsaw sculptor's genius: Poj's site) (Info on Eater)

My all time favourite glitch has to be this, a classic track by a pop princess, mangled and twisted into a new and strangely beautiful form:

Soundhog: Britney in a Blender

(Soundhog's site is here , but it would apear that the Big Bad Pop Cop has slapped him with a cease and desist order, so his tunes are offline - however, there are details of dj dates and the opportunity to sign up for a mailing list, so go visit anyway!)

Friday, July 23, 2004

omigod- it's so big!...

I've been doing this for less than a week now, and it has already broken my heart to delete some lovely songs because of lack of space...after a bit of soulsearching, I've splashed out and got some more webspace. To celebrate, there's a REALLY BIG track, from Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza. It is (as in it's name suggests) a reworking of Radiohead's Karma Police, stretched out to about 15 minutes (and be warned, that means a 13.7mb download) .

In Ken's words:
  • This production piece, Extended Karma (Unfinished), was inspired by Radiohead's Karma Police and years of on-air experimentation with Radiohead.
  • This isn't the original song. The original album can be bought at a store.
  • Created May 1998 by Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza, a non-improvised subset of Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza.
  • This is a parody, and celebratory commentary, on the insipid and repetitive nature of the formula used in pop songs such as this. Make fair use of your listening experience.
  • There've been over 270 shows in the past 10 years, all different. Read about the others on the show list. For a CD of any show, e-mail Ken.
It's well worth the download, and is genuinely both a parody and a celebration. I can't play the original anymore - it's Ken's way or the highway...

Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza: Extended Karma (Unfinished) (NB: At Ken's request, this link will take you to his download page rather than directly to the song, so it's a left click, not the usual right one).

hey ho, let's go...

music to decide whether to go out or not to:

cibo matto: about a girl (nirvana cover) (buy)

dinbot: beastiebop (ramones vs the beastie boys) (site)

...that'll be a yes, then.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Atv = three points in time. A = action, T = time, V = vision as the four minds crack in atv v v v...

There is a stunning dearth of Alternative TV on the interweb, and (it turned out) in my cd collection. Whilst I wait for amazon to put that right, here's the one track I could find (it was on a compilation Charlie made for me as a post-vasectomy present and called "Never mind yer bollocks"):

Alternative TV: How much longer? (buy)

And thinking about ATV reminded me of the Television Personalities, the original comedy punk band - I remember hearing this next offering on John Peel when I was about 14, and cringing...

Television Personalities: The Part Time Punks (buy)

Which brings us to the ultimate in comedy punk bands, Snuff. In their time, they have covered Funk Soul Brother, I Will Survive and the shake 'n' vac advert...this is a TV theme which used to bring a tear to my eye as a teenager, wistful for a past I hadn't had yet:

Snuff: (Whatever happened to)The Likely Lads (buy)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Presenting a new feature: WTF Wednesday...

"There ain't half been some clever bastards" said Mr Dury, and he might well have had the lyricist of this, our first WTF Wednesday offering, in mind. Ludwig (Tractatus) Wittgenstein was better known for his way with epistimological method or the deftness of his touch with the humble poker, but he could craft a mean lyric too.

In M.A. Numminem, he may have found his perfect creative soulmate: "Listening to Numminen for the first time," (writes Swingin Kutsu) "is like your first taste of surströmming: You want to spit it out, it stinks, you think you're gonna die, but when it's all done you keep wanting to come back for more, especially if you have the right tilbehör (onions, aqvavit...)".

It may be worth pointing out to those of you not close to an Ikea that surströmming is rotten, fermented herring. Enjoy...

M.A. Numminem: Wovon mann nicht sprechen kann, Darüber Muss Mann Schweigen (lyrics by Ludwig Wittgenstein)

(discovered at July's Illegal Art Compilation, curated by Kosten Koper)

btw, the comments links isn't just for show, you know - you CAN use it...

the early morning retro-futuristic dance post...

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Stylistics launj-crust...

I was trying to find out something (anything) about Krivitsky, a band I came across on someone's webjay tracklist. I found a page in cyrillic, so cut and pasted it into babelfish:

"Album "Cafe-Automat" of Izhevsk composer Yakov Of krivitskogo - bright specimen of contemporary film music and aesthetics easy listening. Comparison with the untiring knives undoubtedly by many could go for the benefit...The second album Of krivitskogo, conditionally sustained in the stylistics launj- crust and exploiting lo-fie- aesthetics"

It's hard to argue with that...have a listen and see if you agree:


Here we go again...

Hello. If you've drifted over from the aborted Covers project, thanks for making the effort. So this is my new mp3 blog. Due to a catastrophic imagination failure, there is no over-arching theme, no conceptual glue, just links to songs that have caught my ear, as it were. To start off (and talking of abortive projects), here's something old:

KLF: Born Free

This is from the unreleased soundtrack to the never made film "The White Room". You can find more KLF rarities (including the rest of the OST, and various videos) at KLFOnline . As you might guess, a lot of the KLF stuff sounds rather dated now, but Born Free remains (for me) a brooding, plaintive slab of moodiness, and startlingly fresh (in a scottish kind of way).

Croatians and Fat Planet readers will have realised for a while that Croatia seems to have a thriving music scene. I'll post something else from another favourite Croatian band another time, but for now check out

No Name, No Fame: Buena Vista Fight Club

This is a mellow dancey-folky kind of thing, and rather lovely. The rest of the album is here , and features some puntastic song titles and balkan tabla beats, reminiscent of early 90's Nation records ( a good thing).