Thursday, August 19, 2004

(tardy) WTF Wednesday...

Due to a series of spectacular computer catastrophes, everything is late. I would therefore like to dedicate this WTF Wednesday track to the hardworking people of a certain little company in Redmond - you know who you are!

Blacksmoke: Fuck the Fuckin' Fuckers (site)

Monday, August 16, 2004

y viva! espana...

I came across Ojos de Brujo a while ago, but didn't bother giving them a proper listen until today. Which, it turns out was A Mistake. I had written it off as more World Music, which it kind of is, but it's world music from the real, modern world not some disneyfied folk thing...we were chatting about them last night and someone compared this kind of thing with the new not-sci fi by people like Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, kind of living in the future music...Anyway, give it a listen...

Ojos de Brujo: Zambra (buy)

while the kids are away...

the grown ups will play spend hours trawling to bring you something good to listen to:

Bigside Left: International Bankin (site),

and two from wierd covers corner:

Eater: Sweet Jane

Bran Van 3000: Cum on Feel the Noize

(everything went bad computer-wise, and whilst it's now better, I've lost lots of stuff, including my address book - so mail me if you know me (as laurie anderson nearly said)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Bum Gravy Sunday

This is the one track which never appeared before the posthumous Excretion 2000 release, but with it's bludgeon riffs and characteristic distortions it's a BG gem...

Bum Gravy:Mercury Rising