Friday, September 17, 2004

Poj 30 min mix....

Pojmaster mix,

Summer, Presto, Vivaldi
Do you want more?, Ty
Get your Freak on, Missy Elliott
900 Number, The 45 king
Insane in the Membrane, Cypress Hill
It's Like That, Pete Rock and CL smooth
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Daft Punk
Back in Black, AC/DC
Salami Fever, Pepe Deluxe
The Message, Grandmaster Flash
The Champ, The Mohawks
Five Minutes Of Funk, Whodini
Spooky, Dusty Springfield
Oops [Oh My], Tweet
The lost art of keeping a secret,
Queens of the Stone Age
Fifth of Beethoven, Walter Murphy
Ghostwriter, RJd2
Jump, Kriss Kross
Dogz and Sledgez, Million Dan
Fatbackin', Fatback Band
Work it Out, Beyonce
Hard to Handle, Black Crows
Straight Outta Compton, NWA
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
I Know You Got Soul, Eric B and Rakim
Sunshine Of Your Love, Spanky Wilson
She Wants to Move, NERD
Triple Trouble, Beastie Boys
Intergalactic Wheels of Steel
Boogie Down Bronx, Man Parish
Girls, Prodigy
Face in a Cloud, Audio Bullies
Trick Me, Kelis

Size:: 40.70MB Length:: 00:29:39
Format:: MP3 Quality:: 192Kbps)

Q and D...

kleptones autumn collection....

The Kleptones "Yoshimi vs the Hip Hop Robots" was (to my mind) the best mp3 album of the last 12 months; now there's a sequel - I've not checked it out yet but on previous form it should be a classic.

The Kleptones: A Night at the Hiphopera (link is to site)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

WTF Wednesday (look - it's been a difficult week, ok?)....

Brazilian samba version of a Deep Purple classic...

Senor Coconut: Smoke on the Water


real Weill child (Weill child Weill child Weill child)...

It's m'boys 5th birthday tomorrow. He is having a party on Sunday, and as it's International Talk Like a Pirate day, a pirate party seemed a propos. To start off the party mood with pirates perversely pickled in the spirit of pre-war Berin, here is...

Kurt Weill: Pirate Jenny

I love the Brel of Walker in the morning...

Isn't it time for another Brel/Walker revival?

Scott Walker: Jackie

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Q and D (2)...

Q and D

first of a couple found browsing around at betterPropaganda....

Spukkin Faceship: Arabic Chant (Dancefloor Jihad mix)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

vibrations elettroclash hour jetties in smoky psichedelici cauldrons...

I love babel fish. I followed a link to Loser: Re-Login, an italian bootleg mp3 album of italo-indie music mashed by the likes of Daz automatic and Dsico but all the info was in I babelfished it. Here's the result and whilst it may not fulfil the information gathering purpose I had intended, conceptually it's *perfect*:

"For "Loser: Re-Login" they have been calls to you to collection 8 between best bootleggers the international ones (dall'Inghilterra until all'Australia) without forgetting how many in our country foretell already with succeeding the verbo of the mash-up. E' one double ambitious bet this launch from "Loser: Re-Login": to abandon l'alveo "made in Italy" closely; of the plan without to untie itself from how much it has been made in the past years and to attract l'attenzione of names of most Association of Bologna of the world-wide scene bastard protagonists of the dj-meeting European like of show "MTV the Mash" that more and more times have addressed they in order to illuminate l'underground dance not only European. The 8 songs that compose this new compilation are therefore the reworks of some of the brani contained in the previous ones "Loser, my religion": hour sewn together in more the classic style "bastardo" hour remixate strizzando l'occhio to the vibrations elettroclash hour jetties in smoky psichedelici cauldrons"

ps: I was going to link to Daz and Dsico and then remembered - now everyone uses Firefox, you can just right click>search web so this kind of embedded link is now redundant, isn't it?

Meat Beat Manifesto Remix Project...

is here.

An example is here:

Introspekt: Original Control

Queen Mums of Pop No. 7: Metal Machine Music...

I can't see Lou Reed ever agreeing to a dancey remix of this. I can't see the BBC using it to advertise their heartwarming community service (or product, as it's sometimes known). I can't see many of us even listening to it all the way through, but Metal Machine Music is one of those bits of music that makes the world a better place *just by being there*.

Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music (Side 4)

Monday, September 13, 2004

Queen Mums of Pop No 6: Cradle of Filth...

I don't know what it is about Cradle of Filth...for all their dark gothmetal posturing, they don't seem threatening, or scary, or tortured, or evil ...I mean, in their biography, they list their band members as follows

" Dani Filth - Scripture and Howls
- Paul Allender - guitar
- Martin Foul - Keys to Ransacked Eden
- David Pybus - Poisoned Heart Throb
- Adrian Erlandsson - Savage Repercussion
- James McIlroy - guitar"

Poisoned Heart Throb! Keys to Ransacked Eden! They're just so damned - well, lovable. And their song titles - well just sock it to 'em guys....

Cradle of Filth: Gilded Cunt

Kyaramerumama - lost in translation...

Checking my stats (link the linkwhorejunkie I am), I noticed there is a lot of traffic today from Japan (Hi! by the way...or should that be Hai!?), mainly from's all in japanese, so although I know they have linked to the John Cage track, I've got no idea what it says...if anyone can help with a translation I'd be really grateful.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Queen Mums of Pop No. 5: Dsico, that no talent hack...

Dsico, that no talent hack has a radio show (Hooray!)

It's 1am to 3am on SBS Radio Alchemy - which I guess is some nonline australian station (Boo!)

Dsico, that no talent hack makes great music (Hooray!) but all Dsico, that no talent hack's music is now offline (Boo!)

Except now I'm posting some here (Hooray!)

Dsico, that no talent hack: Dirty Bottle (Xtina vs Sonic Youth, and one of the finest mashes ever)

Dsico, that no talent hack: I need to be Sedated (Slow, bizarre moroder/electro version of the Ramones' classic)

Result-ah!!! it's Bum Gravy Sunday...

I suspect that Nek might be some sort of abbreviation or even an acronym rather than just a mis-spelling...can anyone confirm?

Bum Gravy: Nek

this is not a joke song...

I've nearly finished Paul Morley's "Words and Music". It's the kind of book that makes you want to phone people mid sentence to quote bits at the person at the other end, the kind of book that you want to leave random copies of lying around for others to find, the kind of book that some of you will be getting for christmas and birthdays.

It's the kind of book that has persuaded me that this is one of the most important pieces of music of the last 100 years - maybe THE most important piece. I havn't got a copy at home. There isn't a version on Soulseek, not even the Frank Zappa cover that he did for the John Cage tribute album just before he died. I am not a musician, and I wouldn't normally try and pass off any music I made to you, but reconstructing this track was the only way to share it with you. If I find the Zappa version, or any professionally recorded version, I will of course replace this immediately. In the meantime listen - properly listen...

John Cage: 4'33" of silence