Friday, July 23, 2004

omigod- it's so big!...

I've been doing this for less than a week now, and it has already broken my heart to delete some lovely songs because of lack of space...after a bit of soulsearching, I've splashed out and got some more webspace. To celebrate, there's a REALLY BIG track, from Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza. It is (as in it's name suggests) a reworking of Radiohead's Karma Police, stretched out to about 15 minutes (and be warned, that means a 13.7mb download) .

In Ken's words:
  • This production piece, Extended Karma (Unfinished), was inspired by Radiohead's Karma Police and years of on-air experimentation with Radiohead.
  • This isn't the original song. The original album can be bought at a store.
  • Created May 1998 by Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza, a non-improvised subset of Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza.
  • This is a parody, and celebratory commentary, on the insipid and repetitive nature of the formula used in pop songs such as this. Make fair use of your listening experience.
  • There've been over 270 shows in the past 10 years, all different. Read about the others on the show list. For a CD of any show, e-mail Ken.
It's well worth the download, and is genuinely both a parody and a celebration. I can't play the original anymore - it's Ken's way or the highway...

Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza: Extended Karma (Unfinished) (NB: At Ken's request, this link will take you to his download page rather than directly to the song, so it's a left click, not the usual right one).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and the link!

Pretty please, could you link to my own download page rather than hosting the MP3 yourself?

That would be the: link.

Thanks again!

- Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
10 years of online audio archives:

11:48 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

no sooner said...

7:01 PM  
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