Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Here we go again...

Hello. If you've drifted over from the aborted Covers project, thanks for making the effort. So this is my new mp3 blog. Due to a catastrophic imagination failure, there is no over-arching theme, no conceptual glue, just links to songs that have caught my ear, as it were. To start off (and talking of abortive projects), here's something old:

KLF: Born Free

This is from the unreleased soundtrack to the never made film "The White Room". You can find more KLF rarities (including the rest of the OST, and various videos) at KLFOnline . As you might guess, a lot of the KLF stuff sounds rather dated now, but Born Free remains (for me) a brooding, plaintive slab of moodiness, and startlingly fresh (in a scottish alt.country kind of way).

Croatians and Fat Planet readers will have realised for a while that Croatia seems to have a thriving music scene. I'll post something else from another favourite Croatian band another time, but for now check out

No Name, No Fame: Buena Vista Fight Club

This is a mellow dancey-folky kind of thing, and rather lovely. The rest of the album is here , and features some puntastic song titles and balkan tabla beats, reminiscent of early 90's Nation records ( a good thing).


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