Monday, September 06, 2004

Interplanetary materials...

Mp3 album on the theme of Space featuring the like of Seksu Roba and...well, actually they're the only band I'd heard of...but the track by God Morgan that I'm playing now is great, and the track by Jan Turkenburg and his pupils from the bizarrely named Geert Grote School is ...interesting (in a Langley Schools Project with synths 'n' samples kind of way)...there's loads of stuff here, I havn't checked it all out yet but it *looks* like a classic...

Various Artists - Interplanetary Materials

(just realised this came out in April - you lot havn't known about this for ages have you?)


Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Mr.Fab introduced me to it what seems like ages ago now.
Tis good though.
Have you heard his album Dub____Dubber?
It's mental... in a very good way.

Mr.Fab - Dub_____DubberYou can get the whole album there....
but be warned, It's not your usual mash up type stuff.
I love it though.


9:05 PM  
Blogger gustav_wyn said...

There's another "theme" compilation on the site that is definitely worth hearing: TWO ZOMBIES LATER, a 2-CD set of exotica and neo-lounge music, much of it by the same cats that did the space thing. In my opinion, Zombies holds together better. The cover art and liner notes are also excellent. Comfortstand is a classy little operation.

6:10 PM  
Blogger splogman said...

Quote: "the bizarrely named Geert Grote School" It gets less bizar if you know the background of this name. Geert Grote was a medieval religious reformer. The Geert Grote School is a Roman Catholic School, where I work as a music teacher. Find out more on my website:

Thanks for mentioning my work, though!


Jan Turkenburg

7:12 AM  

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