Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So today we are going to be talking about jazz. Do you get jazz? I'm not sure that I do...I will happily listen to Bum Gravy, or TG, or any of the industrial noise merchants; I have played the Eraserhead soundtrack - for fun. I'll defend Metal Machine Music, hum Sister Ray from begining to end, even (if pushed) listen to the sound of my own whiny voice, but I can't get more than half way through you a metaphorical Euro you can't either:

Ornette Coleman: Science Fiction


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You owe me a metaphorical Euro!

Admittedly, that track isn't the best place to start listening to jazz. Try Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" or John Coltrane's "Blue Train." Much more listenable.

Good luck! - Dale Cruse

11:48 AM  
Blogger the cap'n said...

Another metaphorical euro in this direction,thanks!I'm a bit of an Ornette fan (well,I've got about half a dozen CDs)....if you want 'far out' or whatever they call it this week,try Albert Aylers complete Greenwich Village concerts,or John Coltranes 'Interstellar Space' (one of only two records I've never made it all the way through - the other being 'Terry Riley In C')...but I'm quite enjoying this Ornette track.
I agree that 'Kind Of Blue' is the perfect starting place for the jazz beginner (or maybe 'In A Silent Way')
but I'm a sucker for most of this stuff.
'Metal Machine Music' is chill-out music to me!!

7:31 PM  

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