Saturday, September 04, 2004

As I understand it, there are two theories about Alice Coltrane...

a) she channeled the spirit of dead husband and jazz genius John from beyond the grave, allowing him to create masterpieces posthumously, and

b) she was driven insane by the loss and the music helped the denial, a jazz-balm for her existential pain (ie she was mad as fuck)

I know where my money is. This track is some sort of reworking of John's signature tune and starts off sensibly enough (well, for a jazz track) - and then the billowing clouds of string descend, some kind of crazy mixed up meettyfoour...I don't think it's the maddest of her tunes, it's quite accessible in fact, but it does seem to illustrate well the idea that all was not well...

Alice and John Coltrane: My Favorite Things


Blogger the cap'n said...

When I first started going over to Germany a few years ago,one of the many things that endeared the country to me was the fact that jazz CDs over there are extremely cheap;one of the first I picked up was a compilation of Alice Coltrane stuff on Impulse that I thought (still think) is fantastic!While I don't think she quite reaches the heights of John,there is definitely a sense of melancholy about her music (I think it's down to the strings!!)

6:59 PM  
Blogger darío said...

Oh, ´God, destiny is against me again!!

Uno de mis músicos preferidos de todos los tiempos, tiene a una Alicia como hija (no pudo haber mayor coincidencia!!) Deberé demonizarla!!

Todo dicho. El post, de la hostia!!

2:20 PM  

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