Friday, August 13, 2004

I've got a biscuit tin/to keep your panties in...

Genesis P.Orridge and his wife are trying to turn themselves (by plastic surgery and hormones and stuff) into each other. That's an odd thing to do, but even stranger than that was the attempt (over a decade ago) by ambient dance spods Spooky and ex-Electribe 101-er Billie Ray Martin to turn the Throbbing Gristle classic "Persuasion", a dark and disturbing stalkers lament, into a vaguely accessible torch-song-cum-ambient-dance number. What the eedup kiddies of 1993 thought when it turned up on chillout compilation "Trance Europe Express" must have thought, I cannot imagine. The oddest thing of all may be the fact that it has dated less than many of the other tunes on there...

Spooky + Billy Ray Martin: Persuasion (buy)


Blogger Loki said... lp of the trance europe express got hopelessly scratched by a demented ex-girlfriend and her friendly kitchen knife and i've not heard this track since...still prefer genesis's voice though...somehow i don't believe bill ray martin really has that biscuit tin...or if she does it's just full of chocalate brownies she's baked for the raffle... genesis on the other hand....well, the version of persuasion on the live at the scala ( i think) album (later on Sacrifice) is even creepier...the samples bursting in at odd places make the whole thing really disorientating and sordid...

in a good way

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