Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Big in Singapore...

Zircon Gov Pawn Starz are Singapore's premier art-punk/electro-enfant-terrorists. They are called Sue Sue Law, X'Ho and Yeow. These may be common names in Singapore, so ignore any inferred glamour.Their album has Chicks on Speed and peter christopherson on it. You can dance to them. They look a bit like Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but good. This all might not have worked. They kind of pull it off.

Zircon Gov Pawn Starz: Drop the Attitude, Fucker


Blogger Ric8ard said...

That Christopherson bloke seems to like lending a hand to gloriously tacky eastern pop electro bands.. I recall a while ago downloading some excerpts from a band called (either) "Futon Tasters" or "Futon Eaters" (I can't recall exactly which, and I've apparently deleted the mp3's I had.. Googling of course doesn't bring anything obvious to the party..), who were kind of listenable in a very cheezy way.. doing covers of things like "I wanna be your dog" etc.

Prime 'gonzola..

8:43 AM  

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