Tuesday, August 10, 2004

catching up (part II)

It's difficult to know what to post after a few days off - the way I usually do this is to *trawl*, links from links from links until my hard drive aches like Johnny Vegas's 4am bladder...you can tell when I'm struggling, because I post a track I know you know I know (already)...you kind of get into a groove, following a seam, and a few days off blows it...so it's back to the front line...

So here's the thing: check poj, check gybo, check apeonaut, beatbox saboteurs, The Confidential, GHP, the newly relaunched Boot 106, check all the places you know and post what's new and exceptional...

tomorrow, there'll be new stuff (actually, tomorrow is of course WTF Wednesday and I already know what you're getting, so I mean Thursday) but today here's something good from my bookmarks...

E-Jitz: Shit Shout Out

Poj Master:Penis McSupaFly


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