Friday, August 13, 2004

how can this not be great?

I don't make a habit of posting links to things that i havn't listened to yet, but there's a new mix thing, and from the tracklist, it looks like it cannot fail...beware, however -

"51mins 01sec
160kbps" a harrowing experience

(ps: I'm still not entirely sure about the etiquette involved with the direct linking vs hosting yourself thing...I know some people prefer to not have their bandwidth leached, and other want to know the numbers - I've made this a direct link, mainly because i want to be down the pub in a minute and simply don't have time right now...if this is bad manners, someone please let me know so I can sort it in the morning...advice is welcome).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey it's Rick from I used to get enraged by hot-linking, until I realized that I had something called "hot-link protection". So, I've turned it on, and now hot-linking doesn't bother me.

I usually don't hot-link to other sites if the site I'm linking to has put some effort into it. If the MP3 is simply "loose" on a server somewhere, I'll just hot-link to it.

Oh, I'll also hot-link if their web architecture sucks ass (multiple folders, MP3s buried within code, etc.)

8:01 PM  
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