Sunday, July 25, 2004

Bum Gravy Sunday...

Sundays now belong to Bum Gravy.

A great name led to some notoriety in the mid nineties, but it was their brand of chaotic industria and some blisteringly hardcore live performances that led to their one hit, a Sounds "Single of the week" (Fat Digester/Super M). In their all too short life, Bum Gravy released two cassette-only albums as well as the single (on Fist Fun Records, and changing hands for a tidy sum on e-bay), collected onto the 2001 compilation "Excretion 2000". This is (as far as I'm aware) the first time any Bum Gravy material has appeared on the interweb, it's from the first cassette album recorded on 23/06/91...enjoy:

Bum Gravy: Bum Gravy/Bum Dub


Blogger Ric8ard said...

It's good to finally see someone somewhere appreciating the gloriously excellent B'G's... I have many fond memories of them playing live back in the day.

A sorely missed band. Excretion 2000 is well worth having, if you can find it!

1:26 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Well, EVERY sunday is Bum Gravy sunday, but if you've got Excretion 2000 then there won't be much you havn't heard (I'll have to get on to my sources and see if there are any unreleased gems on tape anywhere), but good to see at least one other person appreciated the noisy little buggers...

6:32 PM  
Blogger Ric8ard said...

Ah, I'm afraid I have to plead guilty to knowing the band and 'helping' them live on more than one occasion by abusing a mixing desk on their account.

If you like Bum Gravy, you'll also probably like HeadButt whom the BG's played with on more than one occasion (and I find now that there's an Amerikkkan punk band now using that name, which isn't the same thing at all sadly).

7:07 AM  
Blogger Ric8ard said...

Evenin'.. give or take a day or so, and there will be online MP3's (aka lo-fi, but it won't make much difference in this instance!) of Excretion 2000. I'll comment again when it's up, but it's likely to be at this URL:

(hosted by the very lovely Severed Communications, home of the perennial Aussie electronic band Severed Heads, who are well worth the effort.)

8:13 AM  
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